All Fomilk products meet the criteria for vegan labelling. They are 100% vegan and contain no traces of animal products.

No, Fomilk products do not contain dairy ingredients.

No, Fomilk products do not contain wheat or gluten.

No, Fomilk products do not contain peanuts. Our facilities are 100% peanut-free.

No, Fomilk products do not contain palm oil.

No, Fomilk products do not contain any coloring agents.

No, Fomilk products do not contain preservatives.

Our products last long because of two simple reasons: Because they are ultra-heat treated (UHT) and because they are served in Tetra Pak Boxes. These boxes are developed with a cutting-edge technology and they protect our products from adverse conditions such as heat and direct light. Fomilk products do not contain any preservatives or chemicals that would extend the shelf life of the product.

When preparing Fomilk we are as careful as possible not to mix other ingredients into our formulas, making sure to clean our lines perfectly between preparations. We comply with food safety guidelines, we still wanted to publish this warning however, against the remote possibility that any traces of our other delicious recipes may remain (perhaps, one in a billion chance).

We choose plant-based, high quality, healthy and delicious ingredients. We make all the necessary quality and toxin tests in our quality control laboratories every single time we purchase raw-materials, and before and after each production. All the ingredients we use are certified non-GMO.

We use gellan gum as a thickener. Thanks to this, every drop of Fomilk is richer, and even more delicious.

Yes, we only use GMO-free ingredients in our products.

Hazelnuts, almonds, coconuts naturally contain a high content of fat that provides for a naturally silky texture. We make sure that we use carefully-selected high quality nuts to make our super tasty nut paste and then develop that into Fomilk. Soy protein does not naturally contain fat, therefore we use olive oil that provides the silky texture in Fomilk Soy.